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ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
or me,”
Dinah Cross James
says, “creativity means
exploring different ways to express myself.” In her
paintings, those ways encompass a range of media that
includes feathers and combs, and techniques that run the
gamut from painting with kitchen implements to reusing
cast-off paints. “Collage, tools, paint and any way to give
expression are welcome in my world,” she notes.
The images that result from this variety have a powerful
surface energy, textures and colors jostling against each
other. Her landscapes are recreations of the natural
environment, but in each of them the paint assumes a life
of its own. Energetic brushstrokes capture the texture of the
world she is depicting and emphasize the presence of the
artist’s hand, giving her images many layers of meaning. But
the force of her style is contained in balanced compositions,
illustrating both the harmony and energy of nature.
In her more abstract images, James puts her eye for color
and pattern to work in dynamic pieces with a strong sense
of movement and depth. Working in oils, she uses a palette
of rich, intense colors to create lush works that possess the
same sense of energy combined with harmony that her landscapes have, emphasizing the unity and coherence of her
body of work.
September Twilight #2 Oil on Canvas 25” x 24”
Dinah Cross James
nfluenced by her love of New York and the power and dynamism of live
musical performances, Australian artist
Kyleigh Pitcher
’s work is truly
sui generis
Characterized by striking shadows and moments of vibrant energy, she
employs colors and framing with restraint and skill, moving the viewer to
appreciate both performer and venue. Whether bathed in aqueous light,
outlined in moody silhouette or cast in the aura of spotlights, her musical
artists are portrayed in the pinnacle of performance — “in the zone,” as
many artists often put it. Every aspect of her portraits appears alive with
energy. Mood and motion are singularly arrested in the moment.
Pitcher accomplishes what she must to reach her goal — to mesmerize and
challenge the viewer, to draw us into the performance, beyond the role
of mere spectator. Through alternative lighting techniques and a skillful
use of light and shadow, Pitcher captures the subtle vibe and nuance of
each performer, ultimately portraying music through imagery. In a single
moment, she freezes the mystery, the personality, the essential spirit of an
artist in time. In this sense, her images imbue musical artists with a certain
immortality, for in recreating the emotional impact a performer conveys
to an audience, Pitcher reveals the inherent power of live music.
Moment In Time - Sleigh Bells
Giclee Print on Paper 18” x 12”
Kyleigh Pitcher
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